Harry P. Marquis

I met Harry Marquis one time in his office. I have been told that he referred Shafik Hirji to Marks’ office. Marquis should learn that God gave him two ears and one mouth so that he could listen twice as much as he talks. As I said that day in Harry’s conference room, the paperwork speaks for itself. His convicted felon client, Shafik Hirji, did and said whatever was possible to get his hands on over $1,400,000 as a result of my efforts. Shafik Hirji, in my opinion, has a long, litigious and twisted path that speaks for itself. As we sit here today, Shafik Hirji is a convicted felon and has since been arrested for mortgage fraud, which was dismissed, allegedly, as a result of a statute of limitation. There’s no question in my mind, after reviewing 400-plus pages that Shafik took out a loan in someone else’s name and wired the proceeds to one of his own controlled bank accounts. I have a conversation that a person recorded of Shafik Hirji boasting about the fact that he has nothing in his name. I truly look forward to seeing Shafik in a deposition faced with answering some tough questions. I kindly regard Harry as Harry Potter, and Shafik Hirji as “ShaThief”.*

* According to a website called FanFiction.net, it talks about “ShaThief” and Harry Potter! LOL! Just a little something to make everyone smile.