Teletha Zupan, Daniel Marks’ Assistant Attorney (Bar No. 12660), Hit With Rule 11 Filing

Teletha Zupan recently filed a motion in court containing bald-faced lies. They were so egregious, it led my attorney to file what you see below.

What’s the big deal, you ask? What’s a Rule 11 filing and why does it matter?

Glad you asked.

Rule 11 governs the ethics, essentially, of attorneys admitted to the Nevada State bar. It holds them accountable for honesty and integrity. (OK, hold the lawyer jokes.)

It basically exists to hold lawyers’ feet to the fire and binds them to acknowledge that what they are filing with the court, presenting to the court is truthful in every way, to the best of that attorney’s knowledge. There are sanctions against attorneys who have been found by a court to violate these Rule 11 directives. Penalties are levied by the court as well. That’s my understanding and opinion as a layperson reading the law.

To read the text of this Rule 11 filing, please go here: Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions.

Teletha Zupan, Associate Attorney for Daniel “Door Law” Marks, Bar No. 12660, Sometimes Forgets to Pay Her Own Bills

Teletha Zupan, Nevada State Bar No. 12660, is an associate attorney currently working for “Super Lawyer” Daniel Marks, who has taken on Shafik Hirji and son Shafik Brown as clients. In a bit of sarcasm, I’m labeling Teletha Zupan as Marks’s “crack associate” because in looking into her background, I’ve found that she graduated from a law school ranked #202 out of 208 (see graphic below).

Teletha Zupan’s name instantly stands out and was new to me, and that’s why I decided to do a little digging on her. I started to look into her background during a visit to the Clark County Courthouse, and I found some things that immediately raised raised red flags. I found that Zupan had a string of liens and releases filed against her (see the sample of court recordings of liens below; it’s just a small selection from among the 32 records associated with her name all showing liens that had been filed against her. Click on the image to see full-size detail.)

How can Teletha Zuppan (Nevada State Bar No. 12660), who is an officer of the court, appear before a judge to represent a citizen who has been named as a defendant in relation to some sort of criminal or civil misdeed all the while showing a blatant disregard for managing her own responsibilities? Let me ask you directly: Would you want someone like this going before and judge and/or jury to represent you in a court of law?

Some of these liens go back more than a decade. The records show that she finally made some progress earlier this year by paying off some of those delinquent bills. The graphic below shows examples of five references that document the release of liens from the timeframe of 2009-2017.

Is Zupan or Marks paying any attention to detail?

I guess that’s something we might expect from “Super Lawyer” Daniel Marks or someone like his associate who went to a law school ranked 202 out of 208 in the country, as I mentioned above. Teletha Zupan attended Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which was ranked near the bottom of all law schools as shown here: Compare Law Schools ( I mean, at one end of the scale, you’ve got Yale, Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago; and at the other end, you’ve got law schools like Cooley, Charlotte, Whittier and Thomas Jefferson (don’t let that last name fool you, it’s in San Diego, not Virginia).

The above is my opinion, based on information I have personally uncovered. More to come on both Zupan and Marks as we wind our way through the legal system. Stay tuned.

Shafik Hirji and Ricardo & Gloria Bonvicin Have Bankruptcies in Common!!


Another call on the Shafik Hirji Snitch Line has me LMAO!

I have been told that Shafik Hirji has allegedly formed some alliance with Ricardo Bonvicin to try to discredit me. Good luck, boys! I can only hope this is true, and cannot wait for the discovery process to begin and to be able to depose good ol’ Rick Bonvicin and wife, Gloria.

Adam Levine was successful in getting Bonvicin’s job reinstated, along with back pay. I am currently seeking legal advice as to Bonvicin’s discharged bankruptcy and the alleged $500,000-plus he received along with back pay and benefits, according to Transparent Nevada. Who knows where this will go? All that I can say is that I look forward to deposing Shafik and Bonvicin.

Looking Forward to Deposing Ricardo Bonvicin & Closely Looking at His Tax Returns

This case against Ricardo Bonvicin (see below) was dismissed. However, Bonvicin still received profits in both 2005 and 2006 (see yellow highlight box below). As to the integrity and honesty of Mr. Bonvicin, I have been told by a confidential source on the Shafik Hirji Snitch Line, that allegedly Bonvicin has formed an alliance with Hirji. I am waiting with anticipation for the ability to depose Bonvicin. I am truly interested to find out if he declared the money he received from the FBI in the sting operation, which he kept. I look forward to the ability to subpoena his income tax return to see if he paid tax on money he received in 2005 (about $1,800), and in 2006 (about $2,500). Only time, subpoenas and depositions will tell the tale.

Super Lawyers or Super Buffoons Get Recorded by Their Own Clients – LMAO

I have gotten feedback on this Las Vegas Review Journal article and how troubling that their own clients were recording their conversation with the attorneys representing them, one of whom was the “illustrious” Daniel Marks.

Thanks to the LVRJ, which was able to get the recording before it was sealed by the court, they were able to detail exactly what happened. As they tell it,

“Two marshals suing in the case, Eric Prunty and Kenneth Hawkes, visited with Marks and Levine, recording them without their knowledge in May 2016. They were unhappy with the terms of a proposed settlement that also would have settled a separate lawsuit between the Clark County Deputy Marshals Association, a union which represents marshals, and the county.

With a recorder capturing every word, the two marshals made clear their displeasure as they talked with the attorneys. The account is contained in a now-sealed motion that was part of a dispute over representation after they found Steven Parsons to represent them on an individual basis. The Las Vegas Review-Journal obtained the court documents before they were sealed.”

You just can’t make up this stuff.

An Open Letter To
Attorney Adam Levine

Undercover for Payment, Informant or Snitch?

Obviously, Adam Levine has issues understanding words and what they mean. I hope this will clarify it once and for all. I want to make it clear to Adam Levine, unlike other people in his life, it has been a struggle for me, but I have never filed bankruptcy like Rick Bonvicin, his client, or Christina Frye, or had to change my name. I live in the open, accept responsibilities and have paid all of my obligations. I’ve never taken the easy way out and have faced my problems head-on. I would think Adam Levine would be smart enough to leave well enough alone and not make condescending, derogatory comments about me to another lawyer. So let this website be a reminder to the arrogant, cocky, condescending lawyer. I take offense to him and his actions. And all this is my opinion.

Undercover, informant, snitch – each of these words carry different connotations related to the kind of work someone does in relaying information about one party to a third party without the first party knowing that information is being gathered on them. But each word has a radically different significance.

I’ve been referred to as a snitch by Adam Levine to another attorney. That’s not who I am or what I do. Let me take a minute to describe the nuances of the differences of the meanings of those words:

  • Undercover: This is an “outside-in” process where the police or the feds will hire someone from outside their own organization to get placed inside of, or close to, a criminal or criminal activity, gain the confidence of a criminal or crime group, and collect information to be used by authorities to arrest, charge and prosecute.
  • Informant: A step above snitch. Informant work is often done as someone who once snitched on someone else, and then becomes an informant out of self-preservation; returning to the criminal side is not an option for a variety of reasons. Still has a bit of a negative connotation. An informant has often been involved criminally and has information that the police or feds value and will pay for. It’s an “inside-out” process, if you will.
  • Snitch: Has a very negative connotation. Implies that the person doing the informing is guilty of some sort of wrongdoing – is a criminal – and instead of being punished, turns on other criminal elements and hands over information to authorities to avoid or reduce whatever charges he or she may be facing. Often viewed by both the authorities, criminals and the public at large as someone unworthy of respect.

I was approached by the Las Vegas FBI to assist in an undercover capacity concerning Rick Bonvicin. It was a very tedious and intense undercover assignment.

I don’t engage in criminal activity, and I was not in a position where I needed to leverage inside knowledge to avoid being punished for a crime. There’s a big difference and a huge leap between doing that and assisting and being paid by the FBI to provide assistance to them in a federal case.

Daniel Marks, Las Vegas Attorney;
Looks Like Steve Barket Gets Another Bite at the Apple After Filing Suit Against Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown

I was introduced to the “dynamic duo” (not as in Batman and Robin, more like Laurel & Hardy in my opinion) of Daniel Marks and Adam Levine. They are Las Vegas attorneys who I met back in 2009/10 during a lawsuit I filed against Central Pallet of Utah (the inferno story coming soon) and Larry VonWald, Lori VonWald and Ronald Hoagland, VonWald’s accountant.

At that time, I had testified in a federal case against Rick Bonvicin of the North Las Vegas judicial system. He was indicted in federal court, went to trial and the case was dismissed by the Honorable Robert C. Jones, a federal judge. It’s my understanding that Bonvicin introduced the law firm of Marks & Levin to the defendants in that case, the VonWalds and Hoagland.

That was an eye-opening case, to say the least. The judge, the Hon. Robert C. Jones, said he did not believe my testimony, nor, he said, did his wife. I have a complete set of audio CDs as a reference. During that time, the assistant United States attorneys prosecuting the case — Crane Pommerantz (who is now in private practice) and Eric Johnson, who is now a Clark County District Court judge (as is his wife, Susan Johnson) — were in charge of the case. Tom Pitaro successfully represented Rick Bonvicin. I also was introduced to a low-life scumbag private investigator by the name of Tom Dillard, who has cost the taxpayers of the state of Nevada millions of dollars in payouts as a result of lawsuits filed against him when he was a Metropolitan detective and policeman.

II was the subject of numerous LVRJ articles by John L. Smith, the bankrupt, DUI guy who is no longer at the LVRJ and is currently floating around somewhere in the bottom of the barrel at NPR. I really owe my current success to Tom Dillard, John L. Smith, Tom Pitaro and Ricardo Bonvicin for the good-ol-boy job they did on me. It pushed me to the limits to learn how to get and maintain pages at the top of Google search pages results. If you Google Dillard, Smith and Pitaro, you will find them at the top of the Google search return, and they always will be. Just like this website will. I truly owe them a gratitude of thanks for pushing me and driving me to learn and understand Google. Let me take this opportunity to thank the four of you, sincerely, for handing me my proverbial ass in court and in the media. It made me who I am today.

Since that time, Rick Bonvicin filed a bankruptcy and was subsequently represented by Adam Levine in what I believe was a wrongful termination case. It’s my understanding that Bonvicin prevailed with Levine as his lawyer and was paid several hundred thousand dollars and had his job reinstated. And that’s the way it goes.

You would think Adam Levine would be thankful that a guy like that came along and generated cash flow for him and his law firm. Instead, I’ve been told by a reputable lawyer that Adam Levine has referred to me in many negative connotations, including snitch, informant and so on. I consider Adam Levine a very good attorney, but a mental midget. I have many resources available to me to throughly understand who this man is and why he would say and do the things he did. Any other high school graduate like myself would realize that I put money on his plate and with Shafik Hirji recently scraping up money to retain Daniel Marks at the last moment to represent him in a current lawsuit I filed against Hirji and Shafik Brown, I am still somewhat of a cash cow to Daniel Marks and Adam Levine.

There’s no question that from the people I’ve spoken with, both Daniel Marks’ and Adam Levine’s ego and arrogance quotient is off the charts. In the past eight years or so, I’ve wanted to come back and revisit Daniel and Adam. This time, with Shafik Hirji, I’m getting another bite at the apple. This case will not get dismissed. Marks has a low-life convicted felon client (in my opinion) in Shafik Hirji, who currently owes the state of Nevada a $300,000-plus judgment, has nothing in his name, and will at some point have to prove where he was able to obtain the funds to retain this lawyer. So I’m looking forward to the legal rodeo and wondering how long Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown will be able to keep up the payments to Mr. Marks. It’s been my experience that Shafik Hirji’s financial commitment seems to fade. I will be shocked if he’s able to see this through to any sort of a trial. My guess is that at the allegedly exorbitant rates Daniel Marks bills, Hirji won’t be able to last in the long run; but that’s just my opinion. We’ll see how that shakes out.

Adam Levine and Daniel Marks (I’m Crying Crocodile Tears BTW – LOL) Get Recorded by Their Own Clients

Laurel & Hardy from yesteryear (for those a little too young to remember)

Again, all kidding aside, Marks and Levine are admiral attorneys and carry a lot of weight in employment law and some even say Levine is one of the best lawyers in the state. But this is where the Laurel & Hardy aspects come into play. In my opinion, how arrogant and egotistical are you when you think you don’t have to address the needs of your clients and they end up recording your conversations, which end up in court proceedings?

After reading an article in the LVRJ titled “Clark County Feuding with Own Attorneys” it seemed a prime example in my opinion of two egotistical and arrogant attorneys. I am still LMAO that their own clients recorded them. I wonder what Adam Levine had to say to Daniel Marks about that.

I haven’t followed through regarding the outcome, but it’s all another episode of Laurel & Hardy as far as I’m concerned.

Welcome to Daniel Marks Examined

I will take this opportunity to go into great detail regarding Daniel Marks, a Las Vegas attorney who works out of the Downtown area.

As I pull all the threads together about him on this website, you will be amazed at the picture I’ll be able to paint regarding his background, ethics and dealings as a Las Vegas lawyer.

Stand by for more!