Teletha Zupan, Daniel Marks’ Assistant Attorney (Bar No. 12660), Hit With Rule 11 Filing

Teletha Zupan recently filed a motion in court containing bald-faced lies. They were so egregious, it led my attorney to file what you see below.

What’s the big deal, you ask? What’s a Rule 11 filing and why does it matter?

Glad you asked.

Rule 11 governs the ethics, essentially, of attorneys admitted to the Nevada State bar. It holds them accountable for honesty and integrity. (OK, hold the lawyer jokes.)

It basically exists to hold lawyers’ feet to the fire and binds them to acknowledge that what they are filing with the court, presenting to the court is truthful in every way, to the best of that attorney’s knowledge. There are sanctions against attorneys who have been found by a court to violate these Rule 11 directives. Penalties are levied by the court as well. That’s my understanding and opinion as a layperson reading the law.

To read the text of this Rule 11 filing, please go here: Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions.