Shafik Hirji and Ricardo & Gloria Bonvicin Have Bankruptcies in Common!!


Another call on the Shafik Hirji Snitch Line has me LMAO!

I have been told that Shafik Hirji has allegedly formed some alliance with Ricardo Bonvicin to try to discredit me. Good luck, boys! I can only hope this is true, and cannot wait for the discovery process to begin and to be able to depose good ol’ Rick Bonvicin and wife, Gloria.

Adam Levine was successful in getting Bonvicin’s job reinstated, along with back pay. I am currently seeking legal advice as to Bonvicin’s discharged bankruptcy and the alleged $500,000-plus he received along with back pay and benefits, according to Transparent Nevada. Who knows where this will go? All that I can say is that I look forward to deposing Shafik and Bonvicin.

Looking Forward to Deposing Ricardo Bonvicin & Closely Looking at His Tax Returns

This case against Ricardo Bonvicin (see below) was dismissed. However, Bonvicin still received profits in both 2005 and 2006 (see yellow highlight box below). As to the integrity and honesty of Mr. Bonvicin, I have been told by a confidential source on the Shafik Hirji Snitch Line, that allegedly Bonvicin has formed an alliance with Hirji. I am waiting with anticipation for the ability to depose Bonvicin. I am truly interested to find out if he declared the money he received from the FBI in the sting operation, which he kept. I look forward to the ability to subpoena his income tax return to see if he paid tax on money he received in 2005 (about $1,800), and in 2006 (about $2,500). Only time, subpoenas and depositions will tell the tale.