Super Lawyers or Super Buffoons Get Recorded by Their Own Clients – LMAO

I have gotten feedback on this Las Vegas Review Journal article and how troubling that their own clients were recording their conversation with the attorneys representing them, one of whom was the “illustrious” Daniel Marks.

Thanks to the LVRJ, which was able to get the recording before it was sealed by the court, they were able to detail exactly what happened. As they tell it,

“Two marshals suing in the case, Eric Prunty and Kenneth Hawkes, visited with Marks and Levine, recording them without their knowledge in May 2016. They were unhappy with the terms of a proposed settlement that also would have settled a separate lawsuit between the Clark County Deputy Marshals Association, a union which represents marshals, and the county.

With a recorder capturing every word, the two marshals made clear their displeasure as they talked with the attorneys. The account is contained in a now-sealed motion that was part of a dispute over representation after they found Steven Parsons to represent them on an individual basis. The Las Vegas Review-Journal obtained the court documents before they were sealed.”

You just can’t make up this stuff.