Adam Levine and Daniel Marks (I’m Crying Crocodile Tears BTW – LOL) Get Recorded by Their Own Clients

Laurel & Hardy from yesteryear (for those a little too young to remember)

Again, all kidding aside, Marks and Levine are admiral attorneys and carry a lot of weight in employment law and some even say Levine is one of the best lawyers in the state. But this is where the Laurel & Hardy aspects come into play. In my opinion, how arrogant and egotistical are you when you think you don’t have to address the needs of your clients and they end up recording your conversations, which end up in court proceedings?

After reading an article in the LVRJ titled “Clark County Feuding with Own Attorneys” it seemed a prime example in my opinion of two egotistical and arrogant attorneys. I am still LMAO that their own clients recorded them. I wonder what Adam Levine had to say to Daniel Marks about that.

I haven’t followed through regarding the outcome, but it’s all another episode of Laurel & Hardy as far as I’m concerned.